Important details of Mr_Butt_Head

Height5'4" - 5'6" [160cm - 170cm]
Weight140 - 160 lbs [60 - 70 kg]
What makes me horny
I love a very sweet, kind, gentle woman, with a beautiful smile, sexy body, legs, butt, who is really beautiful on the inside, as she in on the outside, RESPECT is the key, treat me as you would want to be treated

Я люблю женщину очень милый, добрый, нежный, с красивой улыбкой, сексуальное тело, ноги, прикладом, который очень красиво внутри, как она в снаружи, уважение является ключевым, лечить меня, как вы хотели бы лечиться
About me
I'm an easy going man, I try to be a gentleman
What turns me off
rudeness, someone who treats you as if your only a token, and ignores me, if I like you, you are a piece of my heart, so please don't treat me bad, I do have feelings, ignoring me and not talking to me is a very big turn off

грубость, кто-то, кто относится к вам, как к вашему единственному токену, и игнорирует меня, если вы мне нравитесь, вы - часть моего сердца, поэтому, пожалуйста, не обращайтесь со мной плохо, у меня есть чувства, игнорирование меня и не общение с я очень большой нет нет
Comments (2)
Donnie is a sweetheart, hope your taking care of yourself buddy! Such a gentleman, always has been XOXO
This is one man that is few and far between. Such a sweet man to get to know and I am pleased to call him friend. This site needs more men like him that is sweet and respectful. Note for all other models-----Please, if he is in your room talk with him and get to know him as he is a treasure to have in your room when you get to know him. <3